We received this private message today. We assume it was in response to our organization having a float in the Early Christmas Parade this year. We could have blocked this person from seeing our page or any of our events. We could have chalked it up to ignorance and simply ignored this post. However, our organization felt that if we ignored it, we would not be living up to our mission of being committed to full equality for the Nebraska Panhandle residents by advancing LGBTQ+
 rights through advocacy, education and community service. We certainly wouldn’t be contributing to our ultimate vision of inclusiveness and equality for all.

Comments like these have only one purpose, and that is to incite hate. Our organization will NOT tolerate it! It truly saddens us to know that there are people in this community who view the LGBTQ+ community as perverts who shouldn't be near children, instead of being viewed as what we really are…human beings. We are your friends, we are your co-workers, and we are your family members. More importantly, it disturbs us to think that this person and people like her, negatively influence young people in their own circle of friends and family whether it is teaching them to hate others or forcing them to hate themselves.

If our LGBTQ+ organization having a float in a holiday parade in our community stirs up this much hate, then it proves to us that our presence there is ABSOLUTELY necessary! An LGBTQ+ community DOES exist here in the Nebraska Panhandle. We are your grandsons, granddaughters, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, fathers and mothers with children of our own. We exist, and we will NOT be silent!

Panhandle Equality does NOT want you to harass this person. If you know this person or come across this person or anyone like her, treat them with the kindness, dignity and respect that was not shown to us today. Be better! Together we can ensure this community will be inclusive for ALL.

Panhandle Equality hosts PRIDE event, sees continued growth

"Friends, families and strangers gathered together on Saturday, Aug. 18, in Frank Park to celebrate life, friendship and community. The fourth annual Panhandle Equality Panhandle Pride continues to grow each year, with more people coming together to support the LGBTQ+ community. Though the community has always had a lot of support, the picnic-style event celebrates the Panhandle’s 

"There are cultural factors that put gay, lesbian and bisexual people at greater risk of health problems. Research shows that being a member of a marginalized population increases the odds of mental health issues, substance abuse, HIV and other medical concerns. There are also issues with having access to healthcare and instances of outright discrimination that make queer people less likely to seek help for illnesses or get preventative screenings."

Panhandle Equality Has a New Logo!


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