The COMHT Project

There is a project that can help Nebraskan farmers, ranchers and/or people affected by agriculture obtain mental health counseling sessions for FREE! The project is administrated by Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska, and it’s called The Nebraska Counseling, Outreach and Mental Health Therapy project (COMHT, pronounced “comet”). The project’s aim is to provide no-cost vouchers for counseling sessions to help deal with stress, depression, and mental health crisis. The project is for anyone who lives in a rural Nebraska community (which includes all of the Panhandle). In total, the project will provide no-cost vouchers for up to FIVE 1-hour counseling sessions.

This service is incredibly easy to use. Follow the steps below to get the assistance you want, need and deserve.
  1. Call the Rural Response Hotline at 1-800-464-0258 and let them know you would like to apply for the COMHT project vouchers.
  2. You will need to be prepared to provide the hotline agent proof of Nebraska residency. Proof of residency may include:
    • Nebraska Driver’s License or State ID;
    • Any piece of mail addressed to you at your Nebraska residence.
  3. The hotline agent will then give you a list of mental health providers in your area. Choose any available provider and call them to make an appointment. You will need to mention the COMHT project when speaking to the provider.
  4. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will then call the Rural Response Hotline back to let them know which provider you chose and your appointment date. The program will then send the provider a voucher making your 1-hour counseling session FREE.
  5. Show up to your scheduled appointment.
NOTE: This program CANNOT be used with insurance. However, even if you have insurance you CAN simply choose to use this program instead of using your insurance.

***If you are a licensed mental health practitioner in the Nebraska Panhandle and would like to participate in the COMHT project, you can call the Rural Response Hotline (1-800-464-0258) listed above to request a Provider Contract.